Jelmer Overdijk


Jelmer Overdijk


Jelmer Overdijk has been at Van Till advocaten since 2016, where he works in the commercial law department.

“I work in the commercial law department, and mostly work with distribution, agency and corporate law. For me, the most interesting aspect of this field is the common ground with many other fields. With every major step you take as a company, you need a lawyer to check whether the rules and procedures have been followed correctly, and whether the commercial contracts are in order. This makes my work really fascinating.”

Small company or multinational

“Furthermore, with commercial law you can really help people to go further, whether it’s a small or medium-sized company or a major multinational. Criminal law, for example, never appealed to me: working inside fixed frameworks, in which only the facts and circumstances differ. When people commit criminal offences, it always results in a lot of drama and misery. Corporate law is a much broader, more optimistic legal field.”

Legal aid centre

“At a certain point, I couldn’t decide whether to study economics or law. In the end, I chose the latter.  During my studies, I worked at the legal aid centre in Amsterdam, which offers free legal aid. While working there, I was given the opportunity to take a case to court. This was the start of my passion for law.”

Corporate law

“I ended up at Van Till via an associate professor of corporate law at the University of Amsterdam with whom I had studied. He was a former partner, as I discovered when I Googled his name. The firm immediately appealed to me. As part of my master’s degree in commercial legal practice, I approached Van Till for my graduation internship in September 2015. Someone left quite soon after, which meant I could immediately start working here as a lawyer after graduation.”

Van Till 

“I really enjoy working at Van Till. The culture of a medium-sized firm really suits me. I like the short lines of communication. The transfer of knowledge between partners and younger staff is really quick and direct here. The firm has quite an open, level structure; it isn’t hierarchical. There’s space to ask questions and there’s plenty to learn.”


  • University of Tilburg
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Charles University, Prague