Jonathan Crozier


Jonathan Crozier


Jonathan Crozier has worked at Van Till advocaten since 2015. He works in the fields of corporate law and contract law.

“One of the things that inspired me to become a lawyer was the example of a good friend of my parents. He’s an immigration lawyer. As a child, I admired his work ethic: for me, the way he handled legal work was surprisingly analytical and precise. In addition, he wanted to really make a difference to people and contribute to society through his work. As a small boy, the details of his trade really fascinated me. This was the reason I chose to study law.”

Commercial cases

“Although you might expect that his influence would have led me to pursue a career in the social side of the legal profession, I wanted to go my own way. It took a while before I knew what I really wanted to specialise in. It was only in the final year of my studies that the penny finally dropped, during my master’s in contract law. I discovered that the legal aspects of commercial cases can be extremely fascinating and varied.”

International agreements

“At Van Till, I work in the fields of corporate and contract law. Concerning corporate law, I handle mergers and acquisitions, equity disputes and directors’ liability. With contract law, I advise people entering into agreements in the broadest sense.  This means carefully choosing words, and formulating texts for clients as well as possible. One advantage I have is that, as I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I speak and write fluent English. This means I can help clients effectively with international agreements.”

Space for specialisation

“In 2015, I made a conscious decision to apply to Van Till. I had been offered a job as a lawyer with another large firm in the field of insolvency law, which involved helping companies experiencing financial difficulties. However, I didn’t want to limit myself to a specific area of legal practice so early in my career. At Van Till, I was offered a position in general civil law. Here, there was more space to choose my own specialism.”

Medium-sized firm

“Another important factor in choosing Van Till was that I didn’t want to work for a large firm. These tend to be very hierarchical. At a medium-sized firm such as Van Till, it’s much easier to learn your trade as an independently-operating lawyer. What’s more, you are given more responsibility, more quickly.”

Great atmosphere

“I really like the atmosphere at Van Till. Everyone works hard, but we maintain a good balance between work and free time. The atmosphere is amicable, but with a serious eye for business. This means it’s easy to knock on anyone’s door to discuss matters.”


  • Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam (first class honours)

Memberships of professional associations:

  • Member of the Vereniging Corporate Litigation (VCL, Corporate Litigation Association)