Kim Kroon


Kim Kroon


Kim Kroon has worked as a lawyer at Van Till since 2006. Kim advises and pursues cases in the field of real estate law, including apartment, construction and tenancy law. She is also involved with project development, asbestos cases and contract law. 

“I started out at Van Till as a secretary. It was a side job during my law studies. After graduation, I was invited to apply for the position of trainee lawyer. Before starting at Van Till, I first spent a few months travelling through South-East Asia. Following this, I began working in the real estate department.”

Working environment at Van Till

“The great thing about working at Van Till is the personal atmosphere and the fact that there are few barriers. I first noticed this when working as a secretary, and it has always remained the same. There are no closed doors here, and there is always room for lively and productive discussions with colleagues. If you feel secure in your working environment, you can do your job well, and subsequently deliver the best performance for your clients.”

Real estate 

“My training was very broad – I graduated in criminology, criminal law and family law – something very different to real estate law, in which I now specialise. The great thing about real estate law is that it covers many different areas. On the one hand, it’s just about bricks and mortar, while on the other, you encounter totally normal people facing everyday problems.”

Apartment law and home owners’ associations

“I spend a lot of time working with apartment law, which generally concerns major cities. Here, most homes are part of a Vereniging van Eigenaren (VvE, home owners’ association).  I support VvEs, (real estate and VvE) managers and home owners. In recent years, many legal conflicts have arisen in relation to Airbnb rentals. This is a relatively new phenomenon. My task is to investigate how to explain old terms from deeds of division in relation to new developments such as Airbnb. You can see it as a pioneering legal field.”

Tenancy law

“Another area of my work is tenancy law as it applies to homes, shops and commercial properties. I also support both parties – building owners and tenants – in this field. Finally, I’m involved with construction law: conflicts about the tendering of work, including disputes between clients, subcontractors and suppliers.”

Knowledge transfer 

“I try to pass on my knowledge. To this end, I train VvEs (home owners’ associations) and teach at the Real Estate Business School. I train real estate agents in various legal modules, such as tenancy and apartment law. I’m also part of the editorial team at I really try to share my passion for this field with others.”


  • Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam
  • Grotius Academy – Real Estate Law
  • Other: 

  • Member of the Juristenvereniging Appartementsrecht (Apartment Law Lawyer’s Association)
  • Editorial team
  • Lecturer at Real Estate Business School (Hilversum)