Lex de Jager


Lex de Jager


Lex de Jager is one of the founders of Van Till advocaten. His practice is general, with an emphasis on real estatecontracting and asbestos-related legal issues. His second specialism concerns the field of sport and law.

“I founded Van Till advocaten, together with four colleagues, in 1996.  We were all working for large firms at the time. Things went well from the start, and throughout the years we have succeeded in maintaining the same good atmosphere. Of course, Van Till has grown, but we remain manageable and informal. If you ask for Lex de Jager, you’ll get Lex de Jager.”

Specialised in administrative law

“During my law studies, I was active in politics for some time. I wanted to be elected to parliament, and specialising in administrative law connected well with this. Nevertheless, I was called to the Bar after graduation and said farewell to politics. Law was much more enjoyable, and it also turned out that it suited me better.”

Construction disputes involving multiple parties

“At that time, I ended up in the real estate department of a major law firm. This turned out to be a better fit. I still handle a lot of construction disputes involving multiple parties, for example where the contractor, the client and the architect are at loggerheads. I help to resolve the conflicts between them.” 

Asbestos cases and sport law

“In addition to real estate, which occupies 80 percent of my time, I specialise in asbestos cases and also do some work in sport law. I assist a number of football players and clubs, and am active in motor sport. I really enjoy this, because I’m very sporty myself. I take part in sport every day, and was vice chair of Telstar football club for many years. ”

New clients

“The best part of my job is new clients who come to us on recommendation. An opponent once said to me: ‘You tore me apart last time. I have a new case, do you want to be my lawyer this time?’ In these cases, I know I’ve done my job well. ”

No lengthy cases

“I love action and quickly getting to the core of the problem. Not lengthy or detailed cases, but getting things done together quickly. Thinking strategically and taking practical steps. If you take action today, you’ll see the results tomorrow. That’s really my trademark.” 


  • University of Leiden
  • Grotius Academy – Real Estate Law and Administrative Law

Membership of professional associations:

  • Netherlands / USA chambers of commerce
  • European Law Group (ELG)