Marco Meijer


advocaat partner Marco Meijer

Marco Meijer


Marco Meijer has been at Van Till advocaten since 2016. He specialises in the fields of employment lawemployment termination law and corporate law.

“I spend much of my time working on corporate employment law for senior management, which often involves supporting the manager or director. This is a really specialist area, and I get a lot of satisfaction from the human side of my work. In addition, I support companies with employment law questions. This includes such areas as collective and individual termination of employment, as well as advice about employment contracts or the position of the Works Council.”

Regular legal advisor for corporate law

“A smaller, although no less interesting, part of my work involves regularly acting as a legal advisor for a number of major clients and providing answers to their commercial corporate law questions.  These are often family companies for whom I have been a sort of ‘general counsel’ and legal sparring partner for many years. For example, I assist them with (the drafting of) commercial contracts with other companies, as well as any dispute they encounter (internal and external) in the course of their business.”

Employment law disputes

“When I support an employer and the case is concluded successfully, they express their thanks in a professional manner. When I support employees, and we win the case, emotion and personal gratitude also come into play. In employment disputes, there is usually more at stake than legal articles alone. People often have the feeling that I have guided them through the entire process towards a successful end result. This is very satisfying.”

Sparring partner for entrepreneurs

“My professional training is very broad: I’m a real generalist. I still notice that clients really appreciate this. This is because I know something about everything, and actively keep up to date with jurisprudence in various areas of law. This means I’m easy for entrepreneurs to talk to. When cases become more complex, I can call upon my more specialised colleagues, although I usually remain involved.”

Legal profession

“Becoming a lawyer was not even an obvious choice for me – although in my youth, people always said I could talk my way around anything. I first studied economics, but this involved far too much mathematics and statistics for me. After two years, I transferred to law, which suited me a lot better.”

Van Till: operating at a high level

“I was called to the Dutch Bar in 1986, and spent many years working for a major international law firm. Halfway through 2016, Van Till was looking for a partner in my area of practice, and I moved here. Because many lawyers at Van Till were former colleagues, I didn’t hesitate before moving. From day one, I felt at home at Van Till. Although the firm isn’t very large, it isn’t too small to be able to operate at a high level. We work hard, but with a good dose of humour.”


  • University of Amsterdam
  • Grotius Academy – postgraduate specialist training in Employment Law

 Membership of professional associations:

  • Vereniging van Amsterdamse Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (VAAA, Amsterdam Employment Lawyers’ Association)
  • Vereniging van Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN, Dutch Employment Lawyers’ Association)
  • European Employment Lawyers’ Association (EELA)