Marius Dekkers


Marius Dekkers


Marius Dekkers advises and pursues cases in corporate law (M&A), insolvency law and international commercial law since 2010.

“I am specialized in M&A and restructuring transactions, including post-closing disputes. My training was broad and I approach cases from different perspectives. I am focused on adding value and getting the job done.”


“An important part of my job is negotiating with multiple stakeholders. It is all about finding out what interests are at stake. I consider all relevant positions, devise a solution, and subsequently try to get all parties aligned. I go to great lengths for my clients. When things get difficult, I put extra effort. That’s where I do my best work.”

Going for the best result

“If a dispute goes to court, I leave nothing to chance. I will make sure I know the case inside out and I will keep asking for input untill all facts are clear. Going for the best result is what drives me. That’s my strength.”

Legal profession

“I studied law because I’m ambitious and love to tackle difficult problems. Since I was young, I was always the one organising everything and solving problems. During my studies, I was recruited by a law firm to assist senior lawyers. I learned how the profession worked early on. This really made me enthusiastic and joining the Bar as a lawyer was an easy choice for me.”

Entrepreneurial spirit at Van Till

“I started my legal career at a firm of administrators, but I wanted to broaden my horizons. I moved to Van Till in 2014. I immediately experienced that the atmosphere here is very good. There’s a real entrepreneurial spirit at Van Till, which perfectly suits me. I’m able to expand my own practice and I’m given full opportunities to develop myself.”


Other activities:

  • AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers)
  • The Bridging Link
  • Vereniging Corporate Litigation (Corporate Litigation Association)
  • Anwaltskooperation