Mees Bloembergen


juridisch medewerker Mees Bloembergen

Mees Bloembergen


Mees Bloembergen (1992) has worked at Van Till advocaten since October 2017. Mees is an attorney-at-law in the commercial law departments.

“I studied technical subjects at secondary school, but I didn’t feel like pursuing this at university. I really wanted to work with and for people, to help them. In addition, I love language. That’s why I chose to study law.”

Student days

“As a committee member at a students’ association during my studies, I campaigned for student housing in the centre of Utrecht. I often met with multiple parties: investors, real estate agents, students and the parents of students. The goal was to unite these parties. This turned out very well, and gave a lot of satisfaction.”

Solving problems

“I’m not just social; due to my technical background, I have strongly-developed analytical skills. I can put these to good use in the legal profession: reasoning logically, understanding what is at stake. Solving a problem from step one and thoroughly investigating things. I enjoy estimating each party’s interests.”


“Winning has always played a major role in my life. My brothers and I were very competitive in sports and games from an early age – which sometimes drove our parents to distraction. The doors often took a beating following games of football, table tennis, Monopoly, cards or while playing the football game FIFA.”


“Winning was also very important on the football field. I played football at a high amateur level in the regional and district teams of the KNVB youth programme. Currently, I am playing for ASV Arsenal and I am a proud international of the Dutch Lawyers Football Team, with whom I won the World Championship in 2021. The winning mentality that’s so important in football is also a real bonus in the world of law.”


“One of the reasons I applied to work at Van Till is that I wanted to work for a medium-sized law firm. I wanted to stay close to the client. Direct contact with people inspires me. And here, I was given that chance. What’s more, the lines of communication at Van Till are short. I was quickly and easily involved with cases from day one. This means it’s no surprise that I really feel at home here.”


  • University of Amsterdam (Private Law Practice)
  • University of Utrecht (Law)