Paul Holtrop


Paul Holtrop


Paul Holtrop has worked at Van Till since 2000. He gives legal advice and pursues cases in the fields of agency lawdistribution lawfranchise law and corporate law.

“My clients work in the commercial chain. They are often enthusiastic people. They include manufacturers and importers, as well as commercial agents, franchisees and franchisors, both at home and abroad. We produce relatively little in the Netherlands, which means many of the products we use come from abroad. These include paper from Sweden, wine from Spain, and clothing from Italy. The Dutch are real traders; they travel the world and are not afraid to be pioneers. I admire courage.”

Business administration

“Although I studied law, if I were to choose now, there’s a good chance I would have studied business administration. This is because I find it interesting to know why a company is doing well in its sector. I always want to learn about the areas in which my clients work. Who are the most important players, and why? Which developments are ongoing?”


“When my clients face a dispute, they want to reach a good deal quickly and get back to business. Rolling up my sleeves and taking action: that suits me. As well as the legal aspects of my role, I also provide advice. For many clients, I’m a sort of sparring partner to whom they can present ideas and issues. Sometimes a client is looking for reassurance, sometimes they want my personal opinion; for example, about whether it makes sense to close a shop or not, or because they are considering breaking ties with an importer.”

Advising businesses

“I also provide advice to new businesses about numerous matters, and regularly train people who want to start their own company. Part of my message is that participants must first find out whether they are really made to be entrepreneurs. Not going ahead with something can sometimes be the best advice. Sometimes it makes more sense to start as a commercial agent, rather than immediately becoming a franchisee.”

Distinguished firm

“I was asked to join Van Till in 2000. At that time, I worked for a large firm and was ambitious. All the same, I had my doubts: did I really want to be part of a lumbering giant, or was it better to be more of an entrepreneur and develop my own plans? I chose the latter, and it was the best move I ever made. Van Till advocaten is a distinguished firm in many respects. They cover areas of law that many other firms don’t; they deliver good quality; and have really good people.”


  • University of Groningen

Secretary of:

  • Vereniging van Nederlandse Handelsagenten en Importeurs (VNHI, Dutch Association of Commercial Agents and Importers)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Kleding- en Textielagenten/Importeurs (NVKT, Dutch Association of Clothing and Textile Agents/Importers)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Papieragenten (NVP, Dutch Association of Paper Agents)