Sylvie Adriaanse


juridisch medewerker Sylvie Adriaanse

Sylvie Adriaanse


Sylvie Adriaanse has worked at Van Till advocaten since 2017. Sylvie is a legal assistant.

“I’m currently finishing my legal studies. I completed a bachelor’s at the University of Amsterdam and am now studying towards a master’s degree in constitutional and administrative law at the University of Leiden. The great thing about law is that it’s a very concrete field: it’s very straightforward. Also, language plays an important role. One word can make a world of difference. And I grew up with this: my grandfather was a lawyer, and my sister is too.”

Administrative law

“Administrative law particularly appealed to me because of the interesting areas of potential conflict between government and citizens. This relationship is often unequal. Governments should serve the public interest, but in practice this is not always the case. Some measures have a major impact on citizens. This makes the puzzle that is administrative law so fascinating.”

“In the summer of 2017, I completed an internship at Van Till advocaten. This worked out very well for both parties: I was asked to stay on as a legal assistant. I worked one day a week at various departments. I’m fascinated by the rapid pace and concrete nature of the legal profession. It involves investigating cases thoroughly, working in a structured way, and wanting to know all the details. After graduation, I hope to be able to work as a lawyer.”

Special firm

“I really enjoy working at Van Till. The atmosphere among colleagues is good, and we laugh a lot. At the same time, we work hard at a high level. This combination makes Van Till a very special firm for me. I learn so much here every day.”


  • Constitutional and administrative law (University of Leiden)